Thursday’s Tips: Twitter’s new profile

Welcome to Thursday’s Tips at Studio 4 PR! Every Thursday, I’ll be sharing the best tips I’ve found to make your business and/or life easier. Most of the time, they’ll be relevant to finding and being found by your ideal client, but my main goal is to make them meaningful. Or fun. Or both.

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The Twitter tip that almost wasn’t

Today’s tip was going to be all about adding photos to Twitter, so they show up in your Twitter stream looking like this


ideal client, creative entrepreneur

instead of like this


ideal client, creative entrepreneur

I wanted to know how to do this, so I figured you might want to, too. I searched for a tutorial and couldn’t find anything that looked easy enough to explain. Then, I went to my Twitter page to see if I could figure it out and I got one of those pop-up messages from Twitter asking if I wanted to try out the new profile. I figured “Why not?” I could share that with you as well.

So, on my way to figure out how to insert photos so they show up as photos, I tried out the new profile and discovered that the new version made my profile background completely unreadable.

In order to change/fix that:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on profile
  3. Click on “change header”
  4. Upload a new header that’s 1500 x 500
  5. Click save
  6. You should see something that says “Header successfully changed”
  7. When you go to view your page, the updated one should be there

Then, after I spent 30 minutes doing all that, guess what I discovered? That the new version features the photos in the stream. You still insert it as a link and have to count the characters toward your 140, but when you click “tweet”, it now looks like this

ideal client, creative entrepreneur


Let’s spread the word that this cool feature exists! Feel free to share this post with your social networks. And, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you for sharing this space with me!

The Get R.E.A.L Girl

The Get R.E.A.L Girl





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Robin Taney

Robin Taney


Robin Taney, (aka the “Get R.E.A.L Girl”) is the owner and founder of Studio 4 PR.  She works with creative, independent, and “kitchen table” entrepreneurs who are highly motivated to be found by their perfect client. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and sign up for mailing list  You are welcome to use this post on your blog, provided you do not alter it in any way and include a link to this blog.


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