Media Monday: Susan Petersen on Building a $5 Million Baby Moccasin Empire

Welcome to Media Monday at Studio 4 PR! Every Monday, I’ll be sharing stories of entrepreneurs doing cool things. If I can’t find any stories of entrepreneurs doing cool things, I’ll share other stories that will either cause you to pause, cry, or bust a gut laughing. Most of the time, they’ll be relevant to finding and being found by your ideal client, but my main goal is to make them meaningful.

If you have a story to share about an entrepreneur, or something that affects small businesses, please send it to with MEDIA MONDAY in the subject line. I won’t post anything that’s offensive, small-minded, mean-spirited, or negative, so please be nice. Just sayin’.

ideal client, creative entrepreneur, woman

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Most great ideas are born out of a need that is not being met. Such is the case with Susan Petersen, a new mom who was trying to find moccasins for her young son that fit and would stay on his feet. She couldn’t find any so she did what most of us think about but DON’T do. She created her own. So, how did the cute little shoes for her son morph into a $5 million baby moccasin empire called Freshly Picked? Listen to this interview Petersen did with Katie Krimitsos of Biz Women Rock and find out.

ideal client, creative entrepreneur, woman

Susan Petersen

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur who’s trying to figure it out or an old pro, you’ll appreciate Petersen’s sense of humor and transparency about all the mistakes she made early on and how it shaped her in to the success she is today.

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The Get R.E.A.L Girl

The Get R.E.A.L Girl





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