Wonder Women Does NOT Live Here

IMG_0781The other night I engaged in my favorite procrastination activity: reading other people’s blogs. There is nothing quite as satisfying (except maybe chocolate) as ignoring the laundry or the disaster that is my office so I can find out how someone else dealt with the same challenge.

While surfing, I found: Staying Sane as a Parent and Business Owner. Hmmm, anyone who’s figured this one out is a genius in my book.

It was written by Peter Vogopoulos, the mostly silent partner of Mirasee. I first came across Mirasee when Danny Iny, the not-so-silent partner, sent me a link to his book ; “Engagement from Scratch”, a compilation of the real-life stories of 30 successful marketers on how to build a loyal and engaged audience. From that moment, I was pretty much hooked on FM.

In this post, Peter shares how his life — and priorities — as a business owner changed after he and his wife had a baby. He had to give some stuff up, take a supporting role instead of a starring one, and find new ways to work. He was juggling a lot of balls and trying really, really hard not to drop the glass ones. These are the ones that are the most precious, the ones that when all is said and done, are the only ones that really matter.

I love this. How many times do we give the same level of importance to everything that’s on our priority list ; and then end up feeling like crap because we missed our kid’s baseball game so we could meet a deadline?

This post resonated with me in many ways. I’ve been working from home since 2012, something I’d been dreaming of doing for years. For me, it gave new meaning to the term “work-life” balance.

But, I also had visions that I would be a cross between the Wonder Women of Productivity and Macguyver, accomplishing far more between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. than I ever had in my previous 40-hour life and, with two candy bars, a piece of string and a rubber band, ; also able to whip up a Halloween costume, get dinner on the table, and clean the house. So, it was a little disheartening to have my husband come home from work, see the house a wreck and the laundry not done and ask “what did you do all day?

Now that we’re in quarantine, work-life balance has taken on yet another meaning. Am I getting out of my pajamas today? Should I bother taking a shower if no one is going to see me? The post-pandemic world is going to be very different from what it was before. My hope is that we will redefine work-life balance with more of a focus on living our best life on our own terms–whatever that means to each of us.

What about you? How do you define work-life balance? Please feel free to comment below and share this with any stressed out mamas who need reassurance that they are not alone and that they are amazing.

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