Member Spotlight: Robin Taney

This month’s member spotlight shines on Founding Member, Robin Taney, founder and CEO of Studio 4 PR.

What is your business? Public Relations exclusively for small business owners and creative entrepreneurs.

Why are you called the Get R.E.A.L Girl? I am a “shoot straight from the hip” type, so I am going to be honest with my clients, even if that means telling them that they need to “get real” about what they want to do. But, it also has another meaning. I believe there are four core principles that every business needs to have to be successful. It needs to be REALISTIC, ENGAGING, AUTHENTIC, and of the mindset they want to have a LONGLASTING (in other words, real) relationship with their ideal client. I created my brand built on the concept that you need to find your ideal client, build a relationship with them, and then work your booty off to keep them as a client.   

How do you find your ideal client? By being super picky. If you try to be all things to all people, you’ll end up nothing to no one. Just because you’re a skincare consultant and everyone has skin does not mean everyone is your ideal client. Set yourself apart. Be exclusive. In one of my programs, I talk about red velvet rope marketing. Like, when you go to a fancy event and the guy at the door checks his clipboard for your name and then lets you in, red velvet rope marketing asks who are you going to let behind your red velvet rope?

Who is your ideal client? Early on, it was the small business owner who was just starting out because so many were closing after just 18 months, but I discovered that so many of them had no idea what PR was and what it could do for them. They didn’t think they were “newsworthy” enough. Here’s what I say to that: It’s great to be featured in the newspaper, but if the next day, that newspaper is being used to wrap fish or line the cat’s litter box, what did it really do for you? Today, I work with small business owners and creative entrepreneurs who understand the value of PR and need someone to implement it.

Tell us about your personal life? I’m a married mom of a teenage boy. We live in Hilton and my husband is the drummer for Nik and the Nice Guys.

Robin can be reached at 585-705-0500 or by email at


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